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​We have kittens that are:

Solid Colors - Bi Color - Smokes - Tabby

White, Black, Red, Blue, Cream
​Brown Tabby

Persian Kittens

 Exotic Short Hair & Long Hair

Located in Hillsboro, Oregon​​​​​
​Springfield, Oregon

About Me

For the love of cats !!!

I have loved cats and kittens ever since I can remember. I have pictures from before I was three years old with my Dad and a bunch of kittens. I was not allowed a cat until I was around twelve.  Of course, I got a long haired one.  As soon as I learned about Persians, I wanted one. It took a while before I could afford one. Which was in my early twenties, and  I have not been
without one (or more) since !!!
My pet Persians'  gave us so much enjoyment !!  We had a chinchilla, dog, and a pet rat in our house with the cats. The Persians are very adaptable and so much fun !! It is amazing what they can get used to !!! Kids, dogs and so much more!! I was always greeted at my door by each of them (with the dog).  They would come when I called too.  The dog didn't come into our home until my  Persians were about four.  I was a little worried, but within in a week or so all was good !!!

  My son always wanted me to breed. I told him I couldn't because I would never be able to part with them !!!  Then we would have a house full !!! Since he is grown and gone. I am ready to breed and to love every moment of raising kittens !!! OK, litter box scooping isn't my favorite thing to do......but it's worth it !!!

 I moved to Springfield Oregon in January of 2013.  Before that, I lived my life in Davenport/Bettendorf Iowa. Where I raised my son and always had a house with pets and his friends. I was able to get my first Persians to breed in 2011. It was an enjoyable experience, and I wanted to learn more about breeding and expand.
    Moving to Oregon has been an excellent change.  My son is grown and gone. So the Persians are my kids !!!  I have found the most fantastic breeders to mentor me !! In my local area even !!! We have a cat club that meets every month. It is open to anyone who LOVES cats of any type.  We also include everyone, so you don't need to breed. Just love cats !! I have learned more than I ever dreamed about breeding, genetics, care, and so much more!!! Plus it is a lot of fun, and I enjoy everyone's company !!!  

     I do this for the love of the breed and the whole experience of being able to see them develop and grow !!! Each one is like my kid and very hard to send home !!! But I always end up adoring the parents of my kittens, and it makes me happy!!! I want them to be well cared for and loved !!